Chew-tastic Fun: Review of 17.5″ Parrot Chewing Toy

Ah, the joy​ of watching our beloved feathered friends play and explore!⁢ Today, we’re ⁤excited to share our thoughts on a fantastic product that has brought endless entertainment to our parrot companions – ⁣the Bird Toys That is 17.5 Inches in​ Length. This parrot toy is expertly designed for chewing, featuring natural corn cob and loofah slices that are sure to keep our ​birds ⁤engaged and happy. Not to mention, the⁤ easy installation makes it a breeze to‍ hang in large and medium-sized parrot cages. Join us as we dive into the details of this delightful product and see why it has quickly become a favorite in our bird toy‍ collection!

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The bird toy we are reviewing is truly a natural delight for your beloved feathered friends. Made from⁢ pure natural corn sticks, corn peels, rattan balls, and wooden beads, this toy is not​ only⁤ safe for your parrots to chew on, but ⁣also ⁤provides a great source of exercise and entertainment. The handmade design with moderate softness and hardness allows your birds to fully exercise⁢ their physique during play, while bringing ⁢them joy as they happily destroy the toy ‌with their sharp claws and ‍beaks.

Measuring at 17.5×7 inches, this parrot toy is recommended for African gray, cockatoo, macaw, tiger skin parrot, long-tailed parrot, ⁢and other similar sized​ birds. It comes with an easy⁣ installation hook that you can hang in your bird cage or ‍anywhere else⁤ your feathered friends roam. If, ⁤for⁤ any reason, you are not satisfied with⁣ this product, feel free to contact us for a ‍hassle-free return. Treat your birds to⁢ this natural and fun toy that will keep them happy, lively, and healthy. So, why wait? Bring joy⁢ to your parrots’ lives⁢ with this amazing bird toy today! Get It Now!

Unique Design‌ and Features

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Our bird toy is truly one-of-a-kind, with a that are sure​ to delight⁢ your feathered friends. Made from natural corn sticks, corn peels, rattan balls, and wooden beads, this toy is not only fun ‌but also safe for your parrot ‍to chew on. The materials are purely handmade, with just the right balance ⁣of softness and hardness for your bird ⁤to play with.

Measuring at 17.5 inches ⁣in length, this chewing‌ toy is perfect for ‍African gray, cockatoo, macaw, tiger skin parrot, long-tailed parrot, and other similar birds. Hang it in your bird cage, on branches in your yard, or wherever you please with​ the included hook. ‌Let ⁤your beloved bird exercise their physique ⁤and have a blast destroying this toy with⁣ their little beaks and claws. We guarantee that this toy will bring joy and excitement to your parrot, keeping them happy, lively,⁤ and healthy. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues with the⁤ toy – your satisfaction is our top priority. Check out this amazing bird toy on ​Amazon today!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

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After trying out the bird toy designed for chewing featuring natural corn cob‍ and loofah slices, ⁢we were thoroughly impressed with⁤ its quality and benefits for our feathered friends. The pure natural materials such as corn sticks, corn peels, rattan balls, and wooden beads⁤ provide a safe and​ engaging chewing experience for parrots. Not only does this toy promote physical exercise as they climb and bite, but it also​ enhances their mental well-being, keeping them entertained and happy.

The product’s size of 17.5 inches makes‌ it suitable for medium to large-sized parrots like African grey, cockatoo, and macaw. The easy‍ installation with an exquisite hook allows for versatile placement in bird cages or outdoor⁤ environments. What​ we love most about this bird toy is the handmade ⁣craftsmanship, combining moderate softness and hardness to stimulate parrots’ natural instincts. If you want to‌ keep your beloved birds lively, healthy, and entertained, ​this chewing ⁣toy is a fantastic choice.

Check ​out this amazing bird toy on Amazon!

Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing customer⁢ reviews for our 17.5″ Parrot‍ Chewing Toy, we are thrilled to see the positive feedback from ‌bird owners and even rat owners!

Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
Long ‌lasting toy
Engaging for birds
Safe materials
Reasonable⁢ cost

Customers have mentioned how their birds love the natural corn cob ⁢and loofah slices, which provides hours of entertainment. ‌Owners of African grays, cockatiels, and Amazon parrots have all expressed how their birds enjoy playing with this chewy, shred toy.

Even rat⁤ owners have found this toy to be tough and chew resistant, keeping their pets occupied for hours. The fact that some customers are using it for rats showcases ​the versatility of this toy.

Overall, the majority of customers are ‍pleased ​with the quality, durability, and ​price of the 17.5″ Parrot Chewing Toy. It seems to be a ‌hit among bird owners, regardless of⁣ the type of⁤ bird they have.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Natural materials: Made of ​natural corn cob, corn husk,⁤ rattan balls, ‍and wood beads, safe for chewing.
  2. Handmade: Each toy is handmade with care, ensuring ⁤quality and durability.
  3. Great⁣ for exercise: Encourages your birds to exercise and play, promoting physical health.
  4. Easy installation: Comes with ⁢a hook for easy hanging⁢ in bird cages or outdoor spaces.
  5. Size: Perfect size for medium to large birds like African gray, cockatoo, macaw, and more.


  1. Destructible: Some birds may destroy the toy quickly,⁤ requiring frequent replacement.
  2. Limited to certain bird sizes: ⁤Not suitable for smaller bird species due to⁢ its size.
  3. Potential mess: Chewing can create debris that needs to be cleaned up regularly.


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Q:‌ What kind of‌ birds ‍is this chewing toy suitable for?
A: This chewing toy is recommended for African gray, cockatoo, macaw, tiger skin parrot, long tailed‍ parrot, and other similar sized birds.

Q: How big is the toy?⁢
A: The ⁢toy​ measures 17.5×7 inches (approximately‌ 45 x 16⁤ centimeters).

Q: Is⁢ the toy safe for my ‍bird to chew on?
A: Yes, the toy is made of natural materials such as corn cob, corn husk, rattan balls, and wood beads, with no artificial coloring added. It ⁢is safe for your bird to chew on.

Q:​ How do I​ install the toy in my bird’s cage?
A: Each toy comes with an⁣ exquisite hook for easy installation in a bird cage, on branches in the yard, or any other place you would like to hang it.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the ‍product?
A: We offer a satisfaction guarantee and you can contact us to return the product if you are not happy with it.

Q: Can my ⁢bird exercise while playing with this toy?
A: Yes, this toy is designed to allow your bird to exercise their physique during play,‍ as they climb and chew on‍ the different materials. It will keep them happy and healthy.

Unleash Your True Potential

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As⁣ we⁤ come to the end of our review‌ of the ⁤17.5″ Parrot Chewing Toy, we⁤ hope you’ve found our ​insights helpful in making an ‍informed​ decision for your beloved feathered friend. The natural materials and handmade craftsmanship of this toy make it a safe and enjoyable option for ⁤large and medium-sized parrots looking⁢ for some chew-tastic fun.

If you’re ready to treat your ⁣parrot to hours of entertainment and exercise with​ this high-quality chewing toy, click the link below to purchase it on Amazon:

Get your parrot toy now!

Remember, your satisfaction ‍is our priority, so feel free to ⁣reach out to us with any questions or concerns. ⁤Here’s to happy, healthy, and playful⁣ parrots!

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