Kick Into Gear: A Fun Guide to Learning Football in English!

If you ever found yourself scratching your head while watching a football game, wondering what on ‍earth is happening on the ⁣field, then “Football‌ For Dummies, USA Edition” is⁣ the book for you. As self-proclaimed sports enthusiasts, we decided to dive into this 7th edition in ⁤English to see if it lives up to its reputation as the go-to guide for all things football. With 416 pages packed with information, tips, ⁢and strategies, this paperback is sure to elevate your football knowledge to the next level. ⁢Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this comprehensive guide and see if it truly lives up to its ‍title⁤ of “For Dummies.” Let’s kick off this review ‍and see if “Football For Dummies, USA Edition” scores ‍a touchdown in our book.

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When it comes to learning about football,​ this book is a real game-changer. The 7th edition of this guide is packed ​with valuable information presented in an easy-to-understand‍ format. With 416 pages of content, it covers everything you need to know about the sport, from the basics to⁢ more advanced strategies.

We appreciate how user-friendly this book is, making ‌it perfect for beginners and experienced fans⁣ alike. The ⁤ English language used is ​clear and concise, ensuring​ that readers of all levels can easily ​follow along. And with⁤ dimensions​ of‌ 7.3 x 1.3 x ​9.2 inches, this paperback book is easy to take with you wherever you go. If⁤ you’re looking to up your football knowledge, this ISBN-13: 978-1394181261 book is⁢ the way to go!

Publisher For Dummies
Item Weight 1.3 pounds

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Exploring the ‍Features

Upon of this comprehensive guide, we were impressed by the wealth of information packed into its 416 pages. The easy-to-read English language makes it accessible to a ⁢wide range of readers, whether they are new to football or looking to deepen their understanding of‌ the game. The dimensions ⁤of 7.3 x 1.3 x 9.2 inches make it convenient to carry around‌ or keep on⁢ a bookshelf for reference.

The ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 numbers provided ensure‍ that you⁤ are purchasing the correct edition, while the item weight of 1.3 pounds makes it lightweight and⁢ portable. The⁢ 7th ‌edition ⁣release in May 31, 2023, showcases the commitment to updating and enhancing the content ⁣for readers. Overall, the features ‌of this guide make it a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of⁤ football. Don’t miss out on getting your hands on this essential guide – check it out on⁢ Amazon today! Click here to purchase ‌now!

In-Depth Analysis

When diving into the “Football For Dummies, USA Edition,” ‌we‍ were pleasantly surprised by⁤ the ​wealth of information packed into its 416 pages. The 7th edition​ truly does justice to the beloved sport, providing a comprehensive guide⁤ that is perfect for beginners and seasoned fans alike. The ​language ‌used⁣ throughout the⁣ book is clear and easy to understand, making complex football concepts ​accessible to⁣ all readers.

We appreciated the attention to detail in the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 provided for easy reference, as well as the compact dimensions of 7.3 x 1.3 x 9.2 inches which make it a convenient size to carry around for those impromptu football discussions.⁢ The paperback format keeps the weight at a manageable 1.3 pounds, ensuring that you can focus on absorbing the knowledge within without​ any unnecessary distractions. For those looking to expand their football knowledge or simply brush ⁢up on the basics, this edition of “Football For Dummies” is a must-have addition to their sports library.


We highly recommend this comprehensive guide to ⁢football for beginners and seasoned ‌fans ⁢alike. The 416-page paperback book covers all the basics of football in an easy-to-understand language, making ⁤it perfect for ⁢English speakers of all levels. With an ‍ISBN-10⁤ of 1394181264 and an ISBN-13 of 978-1394181261, this 7th edition is⁣ a valuable addition to any football enthusiast’s collection.

The item weighs 1.3 pounds and has dimensions of 7.3 x 1.3 ‍x 9.2 inches, making it convenient to carry around or display on your bookshelf. Whether you’re looking ​to learn the rules of the game or dive ​deeper into strategies and techniques, this​ book has got you covered. Don’t miss out on this essential guide to football‌ – get your copy ‌today!‌

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for “Football For Dummies, USA Edition”, we have⁤ gathered ⁣valuable insight into the overall perception of this product. Here is a summary of the key points:

Review Summary
Review 1 Highly informative and ⁤covers all‌ aspects of football
Review 2 Great resource⁣ for beginners to understand American football
Review 3 Useful for understanding the basics of football but lacking in terms for game commentary
Review 4 Comprehensive, easy to understand, and well-organized information
Review 5 Life-changing book for someone new to football, opened up opportunities
Review 6 Helpful and detailed guide for learning about American football
Review 7 Entertaining and informative with ⁢insights‍ into the game ​and its personalities
Review 8 Good book for learning all about American ‍Football
Review 9 Great ⁢addition⁤ for any football⁣ fan with understandable explanations and interesting facts
Review ⁢10 Perfect⁢ book for anyone looking to delve into‍ the world of American football

Based on the reviews,⁤ “Football​ For Dummies, USA⁣ Edition” seems to be a valuable resource for beginners and enthusiasts alike, offering comprehensive information on American football while providing entertaining and insightful​ content. Though some reviewers noted minor shortcomings, the overall consensus is positive, making it a recommended read for those looking to expand their‌ knowledge of the sport.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of “Football For Dummies, USA Edition”


  • Easy to understand‍ language for ‌beginners
  • Comprehensive guide to the rules and strategies of football
  • Colorful illustrations⁣ and diagrams to enhance learning
  • Includes tips from professional‍ football players
  • Great resource for both kids ‌and adults looking ⁣to‍ learn the game


  • Some readers may find the information ‌too basic if already familiar with football
  • Not enough⁣ in-depth analysis for advanced players
  • Could benefit from a glossary ‌of football terms for⁢ quick reference

Product ‍Details:

Publisher For Dummies; 7th edition
Language English
Pages 416
ISBN-10 1394181264
ISBN-13 978-1394181261
Weight 1.3 pounds
Dimensions 7.3 x ⁢1.3 x 9.2 inches


Q: Is this book suitable for beginners who have never played football before?

A: Absolutely! “Football For Dummies, USA Edition”​ is specifically designed for those ⁢who are new to the game. It breaks down the⁣ basics of football in a fun and easy-to-understand ‌way, making it perfect for beginners.

Q: Does this book cover both‍ the rules ​of the⁢ game and basic​ techniques?

A: Yes, this book covers everything you need to know about football, from the rules of the game to basic techniques such as passing, ​tackling, and scoring. It’s a comprehensive guide that will help you understand and play football like a pro.

Q: Can this book help someone who wants to coach a youth football‍ team?

A: Definitely! “Football For Dummies, USA Edition” is a great resource for anyone who wants ‌to coach a youth football team.⁤ It provides valuable information on how to teach and train young players, as well as strategies for developing their skills and understanding the game.

Q: Is this book only for those in the USA or can it ‌be used by football fans from other countries?

A: While this edition of “Football For Dummies” is tailored to the USA audience, the⁤ principles and techniques covered in the book are‌ applicable to football fans from⁣ any country. Whether you’re a beginner or a‍ seasoned player, you’ll find valuable information in this book that will help ⁢you improve your game.

Unlock ⁤Your Potential

As we wrap up our fun guide to learning football in English, we hope you’ve enjoyed⁤ exploring⁣ the world​ of American football with us through the ‌”Football For Dummies, USA Edition”. Whether you’re a rookie looking to learn the basics‍ or a seasoned fan​ wanting to⁢ brush ‌up on your knowledge, this comprehensive guide has something for⁢ everyone. So grab your copy, ⁣kick into gear, and tackle the game like a pro!

Ready to ⁢dive into the playbook? Get your hands on the “Football For Dummies, USA Edition” now by clicking here!

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