Review: SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker – Tailgate & Camping Essential

Looking ‍for the‌ perfect ​portable⁢ speaker​ to take with you on all your outdoor adventures?⁢ Look no further than the SOAR NCAA Shockbox ‌LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker ⁢is a game-changer when it comes to tailgating, camping, or just hanging‍ out in⁢ the backyard. With its lightweight design and convenient⁢ top handle, you ‍can easily take it wherever you go. Not to mention, its ‌shockproof and water-resistant materials⁢ make it durable enough to withstand whatever​ the ‌elements throw‍ at it. Plus,⁤ with Bluetooth‍ 5.0 technology and a 30ft wireless range, you can easily sync two speakers together for stereo sound. ​And with over 5 hours of use time per ⁤charge, you can keep the music playing ⁤all ​day ⁢long. Show your team spirit with this Officially Licensed NCAA ⁤Product and elevate your ⁢outdoor experience with the SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker.

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When it comes to portable speakers, ‍the SOAR ‍Shockbox LED‌ Speaker is a⁣ true standout. ‍This‌ speaker is not ​only lightweight and easy to carry with its convenient top handle, but​ it’s also incredibly durable, making it ⁢the perfect companion for all your outdoor⁣ adventures. Plus, with its shockproof ‌and ⁢water-resistant materials,‌ you can trust ‍that ​this speaker​ will withstand whatever you⁤ throw at it.

With Bluetooth⁤ 5.0 technology and a 30ft​ wireless range, this​ speaker offers seamless connectivity and​ crystal-clear sound ⁣quality. ⁣And if you want to take your listening experience to the‌ next level, ⁣you ⁤can easily sync two speakers together for stereo sound. With over 5 hours of use time per charge and a micro-USB cable included, this speaker is not ‍only‍ convenient but reliable as well. Show your ⁣team spirit wherever you go with this officially licensed ‌NCAA product. Don’t miss‍ out ⁣on the ‌opportunity​ to elevate your listening experience ​– check out ⁢this speaker now!

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Features of SOAR NCAA Shockbox LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Looking for a‌ portable speaker that combines functionality⁣ with style? Look no further than the SOAR Shockbox‌ LED Speaker. ⁣This speaker is not only ⁢lightweight and easy to carry, but⁢ also built to last with⁢ its shockproof ​and water-resistant materials. With Bluetooth 5.0 technology and a⁣ 30ft wireless range,⁤ you can​ easily sync two speakers together for stereo ⁣sound, perfect for setting the mood at your⁤ next tailgate or camping ​trip.

What sets this⁣ speaker apart is its‍ official NCAA licensing, making it a great way to show your team spirit ⁢wherever you go.‌ With⁢ over 5 hours of use time‌ per charge and‌ a​ micro-USB ⁢cable included, you ‌can enjoy your favorite ⁤tunes without worrying about running out ‍of ⁢battery. So why wait? Elevate your audio​ experience with the SOAR ‍Shockbox LED Speaker now! ⁢Visit the link below to get‌ yours today: ‌ Buy Now!.

Insights ​and Recommendations

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We were excited ⁤to test out​ the SOAR ⁤Shockbox LED Speaker and we​ were not disappointed! The lightweight design and⁣ convenient top handle made it easy for us to bring the speaker along for our outdoor⁣ activities. The shockproof and‍ water-resistant ​materials gave us peace of mind, knowing that the⁢ speaker could withstand a ⁤few bumps and splashes.

The Bluetooth 5.0⁣ technology provided a‌ seamless connection with a 30ft​ wireless ⁣range, allowing us to move around​ without losing ⁤connection. We loved that ‌we⁣ could‍ easily sync two speakers together‍ for stereo sound, enhancing our listening experience. With over 5 hours‌ of use time per charge, we were able ⁢to enjoy our favorite⁣ tunes for an extended period. Plus, the⁢ fact⁢ that it is an officially licensed NCAA⁤ product added a fun and unique touch to our​ outdoor adventures.

Item model number NCAA-BTX2-TXT
Department unisex
Date First Available August 30, 2023
Manufacturer Prime Brands Group Inc.

Overall, the SOAR Shockbox⁤ LED Speaker⁤ exceeded our expectations and became a favorite among our group. Whether you’re ⁤hosting a ⁣tailgate, going camping, or simply enjoying some time outdoors, this speaker ⁣is a must-have. Its durability, wireless capabilities, and ⁣unique design make​ it a standout product‍ in⁤ the market. We would highly recommend adding‍ this speaker to‍ your collection​ and⁣ showcasing your team spirit in style! Get yours today ​and elevate your outdoor sound experience.

Final Thoughts

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Overall,⁢ we were impressed with ⁤the ⁢SOAR NCAA Shockbox⁢ LED Wireless ​Bluetooth Speaker. Its compact and lightweight design, complete with a ⁢top​ handle, ⁤makes it easy to bring along to any outdoor event. The shockproof and water-resistant ​construction gives us peace ⁣of mind, knowing it can withstand the elements.

We loved the Bluetooth 5.0 ‌technology that allows for‍ a seamless wireless connection up to 30ft⁤ away. The⁢ ability ⁢to sync two speakers together for stereo sound is a ‍nice touch. With ​over 5‌ hours of battery life per charge,​ this speaker kept the‌ party going. Plus, being an officially licensed NCAA⁢ product, it’s a fantastic way to show team spirit. Overall, we highly recommend this speaker for anyone looking to elevate their tailgate or camping experience.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews⁤ for the SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker, ​we found⁢ that the overall sentiment towards this product is ⁤quite positive. Customers praised the sound quality, ease of ​use, and ⁣connectivity ‍of the speaker. However,⁢ there were‍ a few concerns regarding the loud announcement when ⁢pairing the speaker ‌and some issues with​ sound cutting out.

Positive Reviews

High quality sound
Easy to use
Compact ⁤and cute design
Great ‍for⁣ tailgating⁤ and camping
Can link two speakers​ for a ‌fuller sound experience
Perfect for college students

Negative Reviews

Very loud ‌announcement when pairing
Sound cutting out at the beginning of sentences

Overall, the SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker appears to be a⁢ popular choice for​ those looking for a portable‌ and high-quality Bluetooth speaker, ⁢especially for tailgating and camping⁢ activities. Although ‌there were ⁢some minor issues reported ​by customers, the majority of reviews praised the⁢ sound quality and ease of ‍use of this speaker.

Pros & ​Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Portable and Lightweight
2. Durable ​and Water-Resistant
3. Bluetooth 5.0 Technology
4. 30ft Wireless Range
5. ‌Stereo Sound Capable
6. Over 5 Hours of Battery Life
7.⁣ Micro-USB ‍Cable Included
8. Officially Licensed NCAA Product


1. Limited Battery Life
2. May Be Pricey for Some
3.‍ Not the Loudest Speaker on the Market


Q: How‍ is the sound quality of the SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker?

A: The sound ⁣quality of the SOAR Shockbox LED ‍Speaker is excellent! With its Bluetooth 5.0 technology⁢ and 30ft wireless range, you can enjoy clear and crisp audio no matter where you are. Plus,⁣ you have the option to sync​ two speakers together for stereo sound, creating a truly immersive listening experience.

Q: Is the SOAR Shockbox ⁤LED Speaker durable?

A: Yes, the SOAR⁤ Shockbox LED ‌Speaker is built ⁣to last. Constructed with shockproof and water-resistant materials, this speaker⁢ can ‌handle the bumps​ and‌ spills of outdoor use.⁣ You can take ⁢it to ​your tailgate or camping trip without worrying about it getting ⁢damaged.

Q:⁣ How long⁤ does the ‍battery last​ on ⁢the SOAR Shockbox LED⁤ Speaker?

A:‍ The SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker offers⁣ over 5 hours of use time​ per charge, ‌so you can ‌enjoy your‍ music for hours on end. The micro-USB cable included ‌makes‌ it easy to recharge the speaker when needed, ensuring that you never ⁢run ⁣out of power.

Q: Can I show off my team spirit with ⁤the SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker?

A: Absolutely! The SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker is an ⁣officially licensed‌ NCAA product, making it the perfect way to⁤ show​ your team spirit anytime ​and anywhere. Whether​ you’re tailgating before the big game or camping in the great outdoors, this speaker is sure to be⁣ a conversation starter.

Embrace a ⁣New Era

In ⁣conclusion, the​ SOAR Shockbox LED ⁣Speaker is ‌a must-have for any tailgate or camping​ adventure. Its lightweight design, durability, and impressive sound quality make it a top choice for⁢ outdoor gatherings. Plus, with the added touch ‍of LED lights and the ability to sync two speakers for stereo sound, this ⁢speaker is a real game-changer.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity ⁢to ​elevate your next ​outdoor experience with the SOAR Shockbox LED Speaker. Click here to get yours today and take your festivities ‌to the next level: Get your SOAR‌ Shockbox LED Speaker⁣ now!

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