Unleash Your Inner Fashionista with Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jeans

Introducing Our Favorite Denim ‌Delight: Riders‍ by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jean

Ladies, let’s talk denim, shall we? We’ve scoured the market for the perfect pair of jeans that would effortlessly blend comfort, style, and fashion-forwardness, and ​guess ⁤what? We hit the jackpot with Riders by Lee Indigo⁢ Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jean. Trust us when we say these jeans will be⁤ your⁣ new go-to for any occasion.

With a classic 5 pocket jean silhouette, these modern boyfriend jeans offer⁤ a refreshing twist‌ on a timeless style. ‌But what truly sets them apart is ‌their new and improved fit, designed to accentuate ⁣your body while giving you that much-desired slimming look. Say goodbye ​to shapeless denim and hello to a pair that elongates your‍ legs and showcases ‍your figure flawlessly.

What caught our attention is the addition of fringe cuffs, which instantly​ add a touch of fashionable flair to these ‍already-stunning jeans. By staying true to the latest trends, Riders by Lee Indigo has ‌ensured that you’ll‌ turn heads wherever ‌you go.

Not only is the style⁤ on point, but ​the construction and quality of materials‌ are remarkable.⁤ With product‍ dimensions of 36 x 0.12 x 15 inches⁣ and‌ weighing just 1.01 pounds, these jeans are the epitome of lightweight comfort. You won’t feel constrained or restricted in ⁤any ⁣way, making them ‍perfect for your busy, on-the-go ‍lifestyle.

We must commend Riders by Lee Indigo for offering‌ a range of sizes and styles to suit every ⁣woman’s unique body shape and personal taste. And with their unwavering commitment to creating ‍lasting pieces, it’s no surprise that ‍these⁢ jeans have become a staple in our ⁣own wardrobes.

So, whether you’re heading to a casual brunch with friends or want to dress up for a night on the town, look no further than Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe ‌Cuff Boyfriend Jean.​ These jeans effortlessly blend comfort, style, and fashion-forwardness, ​making them our top pick for any fashion-savvy individual.

Make a statement. Embrace the modern fit. Experience⁣ denim perfection with Riders⁣ by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff ⁣Boyfriend Jean. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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Unleash Your Inner Fashionista with Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jeans插图

The Riders by Lee Indigo ⁢Women’s ‍Fringe‍ Cuff Boyfriend Jean is a modern take on a classic ​5 pocket jean silhouette. With its‌ updated fit that is closer to the body, these jeans are designed to ‍showcase your curves and elongate‍ your ‍legs, giving‍ you a ⁤slimming and stylish ⁢look.‍ The finishing touches on these ‌jeans add just the right ‍amount ⁣of fashion and flair, making them a⁣ must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Made with high-quality materials, these jeans are durable and comfortable to wear all day long. They have a relaxed yet chic vibe, perfect for casual outings or a day at the ‌office. The​ fringe cuff detail‍ adds a fun and trendy twist to the traditional boyfriend ‌jean style, setting them apart from other jeans on the market.

Available​ in a range of sizes, finding the ​perfect fit is effortless. Whether you prefer ‌a looser fit ⁢or a more tailored look, these jeans have you⁢ covered. The​ timeless blue denim color makes them versatile and ⁢easy to pair‍ with ⁢any top or shoe choice.

In⁢ addition to their⁣ fashionable design, these jeans also offer practicality. The 5 pocket design provides ample storage for small essentials ⁤like your phone ‌or keys,⁢ while the slimming fit enhances your natural curves.

When it comes to selecting ⁢a pair of stylish‌ and trendy jeans,⁤ the ​Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jean is ⁢a top contender. Experience the perfect blend of fashion, comfort, and quality by adding ‍these jeans to your ⁤collection.⁢ Click here to get ​yours ​today and embrace a new level of style!

Highlights of the Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe ‌Cuff‍ Boyfriend Jean

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Here are the key ⁣ that make them a⁣ must-have addition to your wardrobe:

  1. Modern Fit: These jeans are designed with a modern fit ‍that is closer to the body, ⁢showcasing your curves and giving you a slimming look.⁣ Say goodbye⁣ to baggy jeans and hello to a flattering silhouette.

  2. Elongates the‌ Leg: The designers of these jeans had ‌one goal in mind – to elongate your legs. And boy, did they succeed! The⁣ cut‌ and style ⁢of these ⁣jeans visually lengthen your⁣ legs, making you look taller and more confident.

  3. Fashionable Finishing: The updated finishing details ‌of these jeans add a perfect touch of fashion and style. From the fringed cuffs to the trendy‌ wash options, these jeans give⁢ off a cool and effortless vibe that will elevate your everyday outfits.

  4. Classic 5⁤ Pocket Design:‌ The Riders by Lee⁣ Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend ⁣Jean ‌stays ⁤true to the classic 5 pocket jean ‍silhouette. With ample storage ‍space for‍ your essentials, you can keep your phone, ‌keys, and wallet within reach at‌ all times.

These jeans are a game-changer, providing a modern fit, elongated ⁣legs, fashionable finishing, ‍and timeless pockets.‍ If you’re ready to upgrade your denim collection, click here to grab a pair of the Riders by ⁢Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe ‌Cuff ⁢Boyfriend Jean and experience the ‌perfect ​balance of style and⁢ comfort.

Detailed​ Insights and Specific Recommendations

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When it comes to the Riders⁣ by Lee​ Indigo Women’s ‌Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jean, we⁣ were impressed ‌by the modern⁢ fit⁢ and classic 5 pocket design. These jeans are designed to ​showcase your body and elongate your legs for‍ a slimming look. The fit is closer to the ⁣body, giving ‌it a more‍ updated and stylish feel.

One of the standout⁣ features of these jeans is‌ the fringe‍ cuff​ detail. It adds the perfect ​touch of fashion and style, giving them a⁣ trendy and unique ‍look. The fringe is well-made and doesn’t fray easily, ensuring that these jeans will last you a long time.

In terms‍ of dimensions, these jeans ⁣measure 36 x 0.12​ x 15 inches​ and⁢ weigh 1.01 pounds. The item model number is ZFC9BI2, and they are ⁣part of the women’s department. They were first available on July‌ 26, 2017, and are manufactured by Riders by Lee Indigo Womens Sportswear. The ASIN for this product is ‌B0733S9L16.

Overall, if you’re looking​ for a ‌modern and stylish pair of jeans that can⁢ elevate your outfit, we highly recommend the Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend ⁣Jean. They fit well, flatter the body, and the fringe cuff gives them an ‌extra touch of style. Head over to Amazon to check them out for yourself and add​ them to your wardrobe today!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

Review 1

Something I’ll ‍often run into the trouble of, is for whatever reason pants‌ manufacturers seem to think wide hips mean long legs. I​ know so many narrow-hipped women with long ​legs, and wide-hipped women with⁣ “short” or average-sized legs and a big bottom. I’m⁤ in the latter category. For whatever reason, ⁢it is ⁢often ​hard for me to find pants ⁤where the waistband will go around‌ my hips, ⁣but the bottom of the leg​ won’t go past my ankles. I’ve ‌gotten good ​at hemming the bottom of pants over the years because of this, but, luckily,‌ I don’t ⁢have to ‍with these! In fact, I often⁣ look for ⁤“boyfriend cut” jeans for exactly that reason,⁣ because they tend to fall just above or just under my ankles, ⁤while being the correct ​size for ​my hips and waist according to the sizing. These end just​ below my ankles,‌ and won’t trip me over. (I’m 5’4” for reference). As much⁤ as I’d love to be able‌ to rock the flattering boot-cut look, I can only pull it off on ⁤days where I’m wearing high-heel⁤ boots, and ‍even then, I sometimes have to fix the bottom so the denim doesn’t ‌go past my high heels. On a day to day basis⁤ where I wanna wear flip-flops or sneakers in the summer, it’s gotta be a boyfriend cut jean, so ​that it has the right shape and length,‌ without being too circulation-cutting tight like ‌skinny jeans would be. These pants‍ fit PERFECT. The last boyfriend ‌cut jeans I bought were from Levi-Strauss ​but they no longer have the ‌boyfriend cut‌ on here for that brand as far as I can ⁤tell. ⁤So I decided to take ‍a chance on the Lee Indigo Riders ‌series, and I’m so glad ‍I did. ⁤It seems lightweight but durable, as long as you buy the correct size for yourself.​ These are not hugging my thighs ⁢(they’re not supposed to,‌ it’s called “boyfriend” cut⁢ for a reason). But, they do make my butt look‌ nice! And they⁤ hide my ⁣belly pouch⁢ reasonably well. If you’re looking for ⁢tighter‌ jeans, instead of sizing down and breaking these like some reviewers‍ complained ⁢of,⁣ these are *not* ‌oversized, they’re boyfriend cut. Understand what that style means,⁣ and go buy yourself some skinny jeans if you want to wear tighter pants without ripping the seams⁣ with ⁣your thighs. These are not built‌ to be super form-fitting, they’re built to hug in ‍a few flattering places and ⁣be slightly lax slacks type ⁤fit in other places. That’s exactly what I wanted, and that’s exactly what I got. Flattering​ but not “too sexy”⁣ and ‌professional-looking, kosher to wear around older family‍ members, etc. I recommend these!

Review 2

‌ ‍ ‍Great ‍jeans. I bought these‌ to replace my favorite pair I’d⁤ had ‍for years‍ that finally⁢ ripped. They’re not the exact same cut, but they’re⁣ very cute and comfortable and fit great. I uncuffed them (just‍ a quick snip of two threads holding them in place) and wear them ‌uncuffed. (Cuffed they fell ⁤above the ankle, uncuffed they fall⁣ just‍ below.) They have that unfinished hem look that is‍ so popular right now, but they are stitched‍ to keep them from fraying more. The pockets‌ are all functional too, major plus for women’s pants. I had wanted the medium wash but they were sold out ⁤in my size, so I got the ⁣dark wash which are still ​very cute and⁣ not super dark. I’m tempted to order​ the ⁣medium⁣ wash if​ they ever ​come back up‍ for sale in my size, which I‌ may​ do​ if I can’t find ‌a ‍nice universal ⁢pair of ‌jeans elsewhere. They look great‌ with casual and‌ dressy attire, can be tucked into tall boots or worn with flats and even heels. The ‌little “fashionable” fraying up by the pockets is easily ⁣hidden under a hip-length blouse or sweater and doesn’t detract‍ from a dressier look‌ even if seen. Pretty‍ much these jeans are a great pair of⁢ blue jeans.​ Only concern is if the unfinished‌ hem ⁣thing goes out of style, in which case I may just recuff them again. 10/10!

Review 3

​ ⁢ These ⁣fit well and are comfortable, took a star off the ‌rating‍ because ⁢they do stretch out a bit ⁣when wearing.

Review 4

‌ I typically wear a size ⁣12 and ordered ⁣a 12 even though based on the size chart I⁢ should’ve ordered something larger but they ‍ran true to my typical size ⁤and fit very well. ‌I was worried ⁣since they’re white that they might be see-through‌ but they were not.⁣ I’m happy ⁤with my purchase.

Review⁣ 5

I never ⁣wear white jeans but just lost weight and ​wanted to try. I bought‍ an 18 and they fit⁣ perfectly. The length is low calf ​area, so slightly higher than ankle. ‌They are comfy ⁢and stretchy but ‌also tight enough to hold ⁢you ‍in a bit and pull your butt up too. I can see how they’d stretch ​fast, so if you want tight I’d ‍go a size smaller. They may be tight⁤ in ‍the stomach ⁣at first but they stretch quickly.

Review‍ 6

⁣ ⁣Maybe I ordered⁤ up⁣ out of fear despite stretch and wanting a fit yet⁢ boyfriend look? Despite ⁢vigorously​ measuring and reading reviews, our body types are so unique, jeans⁤ are just plain hard to do but with⁢ such ‍high reviews I‍ gave it a shot. I ordered ⁤16 because I am used to wearing Levi signature jeans⁢ with stretch⁣ and⁢ hover between a 14/16 because of ‌hips⁣ and a backside plus as a mom getting a little bloated as​ the day goes on is just a given and jeans cutting in is ‍horribly uncomfortable and ‍looks​ dreadful.

Pros: soft, comfortable, fits those ⁣with hips and a far from flat bottom, good stretch​ without looking like jeggings.

Cons: Not ⁢for short people at ⁢5″2 these are just pants, though would still look good rolled ‌up once⁤ or twice it seems. If ‍you hover between ⁢2 sizes go with the smaller size because these stretch! I wouldn’t necessarily call these boyfriend-style jeans unless you ⁣mean the crotch area fits weird and looks super weird ‍(I don’t know if this is because I should have sized ​down) but just no!

‌ Ultimately it took less than a minute of trying these ​on to know⁣ I will be returning these, ‍and ‍I am not yet sure I⁣ will be⁤ considering trying a size or even two lower. I truly hate⁣ trying to find the perfect‍ jeans.

If considering trying these, be ‍aware they probably best‍ fit those‌ who have wide hips, a⁢ round bottom, and​ unless you want to roll them up a ⁢few ⁢times, at least be 5’4″ or taller.⁣ And ‍order the smallest size you can​ get ​into⁢ in other pants.

Review 7

⁢ ⁤ ⁣ It’s hard to‌ find jeans that fit‍ me. I’m tall & not so skinny anymore, so proportions can be challenging.⁤ I detest the frustration ⁤of⁢ trying on jeans, so I rolled‌ the dice‍ & ordered these. ‍Fit great, great quality, and look good!

Pros & Cons


  • The modern fit ⁢of these jeans enhances ⁢the body shape and elongates the ‌legs, ⁣creating a flattering and slimming effect.
  • The classic 5 pocket jean silhouette offers timeless‍ style that can be easily dressed up or down⁤ for various occasions.
  • The fringe cuff detail adds a trendy and fashionable touch, giving ⁢these jeans an edgy and unique look.
  • The jeans are made with high-quality‌ materials, ⁢ensuring durability and longevity.
  • The versatile design allows for easy pairing with different tops, shoes, and accessories, making it a versatile addition⁢ to any ⁢wardrobe.
  • The product is offered in various sizes, ‍catering to different body types and ensuring a comfortable fit for all.
  • These jeans are produced ⁤by Riders by Lee Indigo, ‍a reputable manufacturer known for‌ their expertise in women’s sportswear.


  • The modern fit may not be suitable for individuals who prefer a looser‍ or ⁢more relaxed style.
  • The fringe cuff detail requires extra care during washing and may be prone to unraveling if not handled properly.
  • The price of these jeans may​ be higher compared to other similar products‌ in the market.
  • The⁣ availability of certain sizes or color options may be‍ limited, depending on stock availability.
  • The jeans may not‌ be suitable for ⁢certain formal or professional settings where a more traditional style is required.


Q: Are the Riders by⁣ Lee ⁤Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jeans ​true to ⁣size?

A: Yes, these jeans are true to size. We recommend consulting the size‍ chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure the perfect ⁢fit. However, keep ⁢in mind that the modern fit of these jeans is designed to be closer to the‍ body, elongating the leg for a more slimming look.

Q: How do ⁤I style‍ the​ fringe cuff boyfriend jeans?

A: These fringe cuff boyfriend jeans are incredibly versatile and can be styled in various ways. For a casual day out, pair them with a basic ⁣tee and sneakers for a ‍relaxed and effortless look. To‌ dress them up for a night out, try pairing them with a blouse and heels. The fringed cuffs give⁢ these jeans a trendy and fashionable touch, making them an excellent choice ‍for any‌ fashionista.

Q: Can the fringe cuffs ‌be removed or altered?

A: The fringe ‌cuffs on these jeans⁢ are not intended to be removable or⁤ altered. They are⁤ designed specifically ⁢to add a touch of fashion and style to the ‌jeans. If you ⁣prefer a different style, you may choose to roll or cuff the jeans differently to suit your taste.

Q: Are these jeans ⁣suitable for all body types?

A: ⁤These jeans are designed to showcase the body and elongate ‌the leg,​ giving a slimming effect. While they may look great on ‌various body types, individual preferences ‍may ⁣vary. We recommend trying them on to see if they flatter⁢ your specific body shape.‍ Additionally, referring to the size chart provided by the manufacturer can help ensure the best fit.

Q: ​What is⁤ the material composition of ⁤these jeans?

A: The material composition of the Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jeans is not explicitly mentioned. However, they are made⁤ of ⁤high-quality denim fabric that provides both‌ comfort and durability. The precise blend will vary depending‌ on the specific style and color of the jeans.

Q: ⁤Are these jeans⁢ machine washable?

A: Yes, these jeans are ⁤machine washable.​ However, we highly recommend ‍following the care instructions provided by the manufacturer​ to maintain the quality and color of the jeans. This‍ will help ensure that they continue to look stylish and last for a long time.

Q: Do these jeans come in different⁤ colors?

A: Yes,⁢ the Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jeans ‌are available ⁢in various colors. The specific color options may vary depending on the retailer or website you⁣ choose to purchase⁢ from. We suggest exploring​ different sources‍ to​ find the perfect ⁤color that matches your style preferences.

Q: Can these jeans⁤ be worn year-round?

A: Absolutely! These boyfriend jeans can be worn all year-round. During the ‌summer, pair ⁤them with a lightweight top and sandals for a breezy and comfortable outfit. In colder months, ⁣layer them with cozy sweaters ​and ⁤boots. Their⁤ timeless design​ and ⁣versatility make them‍ suitable for ⁣any season.

Q: Are these jeans ‍prone to shrinking or fading after‌ washing?

A: While proper care is always essential to maintain the longevity​ of‍ any clothing item, including ⁤these‍ jeans, they are designed ⁣with durability‌ in‍ mind. Following ⁢the care instructions provided by ⁢the manufacturer will minimize the risk‍ of shrinking or fading.⁢ However, it’s worth noting that natural‍ wear and tear⁤ may occur⁣ over time with ‍regular⁢ use and washing.

Q: ⁤Can‍ I return or⁣ exchange the jeans if they don’t⁤ fit?

A: Returns and exchanges policies may vary depending on‌ the retailer or website from which you purchase the jeans. We recommend checking the​ specific ⁣policy of the seller you⁤ choose to ‍ensure that you have⁤ flexibility in case ⁤the jeans don’t fit as‌ expected.

Reveal the Extraordinary

And ⁤there you have ⁣it – our review of the‍ Riders by Lee ⁢Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend Jeans. These jeans are the perfect blend of modern style and classic comfort.⁤ With their slimming fit and leg-elongating design, they‍ truly unleash your inner ⁤fashionista.

Not only do ​these ‌jeans flatter your ⁤figure, ​but ⁣they also add ​a ⁤touch of fashion and style ​with their updated finishing. The fringe cuff detail ​adds a⁤ unique and playful element to your outfit, making these⁣ jeans a true statement piece.

We were particularly impressed with ⁢the quality and craftsmanship of these‍ jeans. The 5 pocket jean silhouette is timeless, and the modern ​fit is a refreshing update.⁤ The​ attention to ⁣detail is ‍evident, and these jeans are built to last.

Whether you’re running errands, meeting up with friends, or ‍heading to ​a casual date night, these boyfriend jeans effortlessly elevate any outfit. Pair them ‌with a crisp white​ shirt and heels for a chic and ⁣sophisticated⁤ look, or dress ‌them down with⁢ sneakers​ and a cozy sweater for a laid-back vibe.

Now ⁤it’s your turn to ‌unleash your inner fashionista with the Riders by Lee Indigo Women’s Fringe Cuff Boyfriend⁣ Jeans. Don’t miss out on ​this fashion-forward and flattering piece‌ – click here to get yours today!

Click here to unleash your inner fashionista!

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